"There is not such a thing as borders, if we feel free ..." (picture taken by Horst Eichstädt at Zugspitzblatt in Germany 1954 and this is the one picture, Peter has taken his idea to be a photographer from)


DAPETYKAAN is sort of a family project and turned step by step in to a sophisticated photo project. Starting by the weird name DAPETYKAAN which simply indicates the first 2 letters of the first names of the family members.

DA = Daniela, PE = Peter, TY = Tycho, KA = Kaipũ and last but not least AN = Anand.

Initiator of this “idea” is Peter Eichstädt, father of three sons (Tycho, Kaipũ & Anand) and dedicated to photography already in early years. Influenced by his father Horst who used one of the first SLR camera´s in the early 50´s of the last century. Later he received a cheap but usefull camera and shot as many pictures as his parents were willing to pay for (in the old times it was a game of luck and skill get in the end good pictures out of a 36 picture film..). A first restart of his photographic ambitions have been made with an A1 camera of Canon, while Peter moved to Iceland. Unfortunately his camera got stolen and so it took a long while until he restarted his abilities.

Only family pictures were made with first digital cameras to please the grandparents…

Coming from the sport Volleyball, Peter became President of the Luxembourg Volleyball Federation and one of his targets was to get recent perfect pictures of his sportsmen and -women. Here he got in touch with Daniela Tarantini, Conny Kurth and John Oesch. These three photographers woke his feeling for the moments to be picturized again. John Oesch is even something like his mentor in it. He brought him to a new spirit in camera´s and another big name in photography: Nikon.

Since Peter moved to Austria with his first equipment of Nikon (Nikon D50 and D90 and the lenses 24-70mm & 70-200mm, each with 2,8 aperture) he is dedicated to improve his skills and equipment. After a short intermezzo with D300 from Nikon he reached the top-level of camera-bodies with the D3S which really was a milestone for him, because since than he used top material and so he wants to reach up to a higher level in photography.

But with all possibilities in digital photography, Peter lives up to the realistic shots not to use to much work with photoshop or similaire tools after the picture has been taken. Even if he acknowledges the benefit and possibilities you have with these tools while taking pictures digitally.

Aside with all these improvements his photos found acknowledgement in professional circles. He received his press ID for Austria and being a member of AIPS he reached for International acceptance. Along with these achievements he was asked to be main press photographer in several events, which raised his idea to do this more and more professionally. Especially in Volleyball he shows that he feels the sport and his little sidesteps to other sports show his abilities to improve.

His ability to portrait someone and to find “naturally” given locations merges his pictures to special moments, people seems to like a lot.

The year 2014 will be definately a benchmark and milestone for his ambitions: He received the possibility to take pictures in first class hotels of Vienna (Hotel Le Meridien and Hotel Imperial) and it seems that his skills and services are appreciated and reach the level of these houses.

And the year 2014 could be the start of the next persons from DAPETYKAAN to create pictures: Kaipũ started first steps in some photo-projects and Anand is very talented in drawing especially such figures as Mangas…

So, enough space for creativity…



NIKON camera´s: D3S & D4S

NIKON lenses: (all 2.8 aperture) 14-24mm. 24-70mm, 70-200mm plus adaptor to double upto 400mm by 4.5 aperture

ELINCHROME RANGER: flexible flashlights (softboxes) depending on battery and not electricity = possible to use everywhere!

Different other flashlights and a possibility to create almost everywhere a studio with background systems upto 9m wide and 8m long (so far in anthrazit and white)

ADOBE Photoshop & Lightroom



NIKON lense with 300mm

Quadrocopter & camera for moving pictures